Thing in the future

Graphing the Web of Things, together!

An open multi-sided research platform to fuel innovations in Web of Things technologies, usages/services and business models

A graph-centric Web of Things platform comprising

  • A massive graph database for physical objects with :
    — their properties (e.g. functionalities, location, variant…),
    — their relationships (e.g. part-of, adjacent-to, sensor-for, actuated-by).
  • An extensible set of tools and APIs for search, navigation, reasoning, analytics.

An in vivo experimentation platform

  • Providing actual access to things and devices for monitoring and control of their shared environment.
  • Connecting (southbound) device manufacturers and network operators with (northbound) IoT applications developers.
  • Open to 3d parties tools developpers.

...where users define their security rules and other access modalities

  • Fine-grained visibility and access control of/to things’ avatars.
  • Access modalities (security, configuration, price…) to actual physical things from their avatars.

…and choose their business models

  • Thing in baseline model is open, two-sided info-mediation platform and marketplace connecting IoT data providers and users.
  • Subsets of the graph may be managed with limited access.
  • The overall added value is in sharing and interconnexion of IoT information at large.