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Imagine... with Thing’in

Smart Building: management of emergencies (fires, floods, etc.). Thing’in could:

  • Simulate an emergency situation in a virtual reality environment on the basis of object descriptions and relationships
  • Run actual evacuation of occupants and intervention of emergency responders actuation of various things (e.g. door-locks, lights, screens, speakers, etc.) beyond their initial usage

Smart Industry & Logistics: “things” lifecycle management. Thing’in could :

  • Leverage a blockchain in a micro-services architecture that augments objects with lifecycle functions from their production to their recycling through their purchase, sale, loan, renting
  • Visualize geo-located things and their trajectories in a virtual or augmented reality display

Smart City: intelligent car parking .Thing’in could :

  • Cross-reference traffic and parking information for smart navigation to closest parking place taking into account both street congestion and parking occupancy
  • Provision parking space rental service (à la AirBnB) from aggregated offer of private citizens making individual private parking spaces available for short durations