Contributor’s Guide to Thing’in site

You have just gained access to this site to publish your own articles. Here is the procedure to publish your articles.

This site is built on the CMS (Content Management System) SPIP.

1. Access to the private area

a. Click here :
b. Enter the identifiers that have been entrusted to you

2. Presentation of the « Author » interface

a. By clicking on this icon you can create your first article
b. In this option you can change the language of the interface and modify your profile
c. This window lists all articles published on the site. You can not change them if they have not been written by you.
d. Header is the main section where you can post articles

3. Let’s write a first article

a. Enter your title (not too long)
b. Choose the section where your article will appear

Today as an author you can only publish in the "demos", "developers" and "uses cases" sections. The editorial committee will validate your choices at the time of the validation of your article.

c. Write a few lines of introduction to give an overview of your text in the presentation thumbnail
d. You can add a URL in this field. This will have the effect of displaying it directly above your article in an iframe. If this is not the desired effect, you can also enter URLs in the body of the text of your article.
e. Type here your text.

The proposed text editor, allows you to slightly enrich the formatting of your article (subtitle, bold, italic, list, hyperlink, footnote, indentation, special characters and insertion of code ...)

f. You can also associate documents to your article (50MB max per document)

4. Save your article

Once your article is written, you just have to save it by clicking on the "save" button at the bottom of the page.

5. Add an Logo Article

It is important to add a visual or "logo" to your article. This is the image that will appear in the thumbnail of your article on the pages of the site. Prefer a picture not too big 400x300 pixel and representative of the content of your article.
Example of rendering :

a. Logo
b. Title
c. Introduction

6. Publish your article

In order to publish your article, you must give it the following status "submitted for evaluation"


The editorial committee will be notified immediately and will be able to re-read your article and publish it. You will then be notified via the email you entered in your profile.

In case of problems, do not hesitate to contact :