Domain of a projection

Currently, we use a concept of namespace that is used as a conatainer for user things. A user puts things in a namespace for 2 main reasons :

  • to ensure a certain level of security (confidentiality), -* to identify the projection and to help the system for all the search functionnalities.

The namespace is uncorrelated from the thing id.
For ease the management and the avoid the sealing of the things in their silo.

The domain is a container of things. And a things should belong to a single domaine. To ease the identification of the thing (IRI), the IRI is built with the domain name and a uuid string.

example :

domain name =
thing id =

The consequencies of this definition are:

  • as the IRI is unique, inside a domain there is only one thing with a given id.
  • We could build the domain in a hirarchical way. Then we could make search on domains or sub-domains. We need to introduce a new key to make this kind of search ($domain).